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Traffic hub real shot

Media coverage

Sliding screen - Nike & Cola creative film

Rubik's Cube - Watch Creative Film

Rotating screen - FAW Volkswagen Creative Film

12306 Railway Project Collection

Magic Square Creative Film

Shanghai Hongqiao project real shot

Water and ball creative film

Bamboo pouring water creative film

Little man jumping creative film


Mexican sliding screen project introduction

Nanning Bureau Baise Station PJL Rotating Tower

Shanxi Taiyuan South Railway Station

Huaqiao International Innovation Port Plaza, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station Wing Exhibition Screen

12306 Intelligent Integrated Service Desk, Hefei South Railway Station

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station - Rotating sliding column

Suzhou Green Leaf Group - Rubik's Cube (2018-09)

Heilongjiang Jiamusi Railway Station - Rubik's Cube (2018-09)

Shijiazhuang Yuyuyu International Sports Center-Magic Square (2018.08)

Urumqi High-speed Rail Square - Rubik's Cube (2018-08)

Tianjin West Railway Station-Sliding Screen

Xi'an Wanzhong Square- Rotating Tower

Guangxi Nanning Liuzhou Railway Station---Rotating Tower

Harbin West Railway Station, Heilongjiang Province-Rotating Tower

South Korea Songdo Convensia-Rotating Tower

Suzhou Center - Rotating Tower

Guiyang North Railway Station-Rotating Screen

Zhuzhou Auto Expo Park-Sliding Screen

Zhuzhou Auto Expo Park-Rotating Tower

Chongqing North Railway Station-Rotating Tower

Urumqi-Rotating Tower

Wenzhou South Railway Station-Rotating Tower

Xiamen North Railway Station-Horizontal Sliding Screen

Xi’an North Railway Station-Rotating Tower

Qingdao North Railway Station-Sliding Screen

Changchun West Railway Station-Rotating Screen

Guangzhou Baiyunhui Square-Rotating Tower

Kunming South Railway Station-Sliding Screen

South Korea Triple Street Shopping Mall-Rotating Tower

Shenyang Railway Station-Rotating Screen

Mexico TECNOVISION-Rotating Tower

Shenzhen North Railway Station-Rotating Tower

Guiyang LONGDONGBAO Airport-Sliding Screen

Shanghai Railway Station Metro Station-Sliding Screen

Zunyi Outlets-Rotating Tower

Zhengzhou Railway Station- Rotating Tower

Jiaxing Express Highway Service Zone-Rotating Tower

Wuxi Airport-Rotating Tower

Guangzhou South Railway Station-Rotating Tower

Changsha South Railway Station- Rotating Tower

Jinan West Railway Station-Rotating Tower

SINOPEC-Rotating Tower, Rotating Screen

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station-Rotating Screen

Suzhou Commercial Complex- Rotating Screen


Official certification: This Shanghai International LED Exhibition has the most bright booth

See how creative wavy screens subvert traditional outdoor LED large screens

The LED business show is coming soon, we will see you on September 18th in Shanghai!

Dynamic|PJ Link obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification

Railway LED Advertising Display Solution

New Media in Hangzhou

LED Advertising Screen

LED Advertising Screen in Metro Station

Advertising Equipment Supplier

High-speed rail station wingspan screen debut

Outdoor Advertising Screen

China Advertising Association Railway Branch Meeting Was Held Yesterday

Outdoor Advertising Company

Recommendation of New Media Advertising Machines

Innovative LED Advertising Screen

Smart LED Innovative Advertising Machine

Continuous innovation of outdoor led display media positions

NetEase News Network Report | PJ Help Jiamusi Station "One Belt, One Road" construction!

This spring season, in the Yangtze River Delta high-speed rail station, you must have seen it!

3D dynamic LED screen will come onto the market, how is the traditional LED screen going?

3D dynamic LED screen’s effects can attract visual perceptions easily.

What is the advantage of new type LED screen advertising equipment industry that swallow the market share of traditional LED screen advertising equipment industry

What is the situation of new type LED screen advertising equipment and traditional LED screen advertising equipment?

The worth of 3D dynamic LED screen .

Common technical terms of LED screen.

PJ LINK explainS the knowledge of LED equipment safety to you.

What is the development status of the enterprises investing on LED rotating screen?

The LED rotating tower,which is installed at expressway service area,will have more advantages for display of billboard.

What can be accomplished by using PJ-LINK rotating tower?

What is the advantage of LED rotating tower?

PJ LINK won the title of top ten outdoor new media again

attractive rotating tower was detonated at ISLE, our new creative technique was the spotlight!

PJ LINK·NEWThe first station in 2018! Amsterdam- ISE Netherlands

a lunar year! Big surprise! PJL first show at Spring Festival Gala @Network CCTV Spring Festival Gala!

PJ LINK·NEWS|The growing taller five layers Rotating Tower can make you experience the fun of the buildings.

‘Guiyang Longdongbao Airport- PJL Sliding Screen welcomes all the advertisers!

Xiamen North Railway Station! Customized Horizontal Sliding Screen launched after Shanghai Metro Station.

’Daily necessities,good taste competition’. The delicious food from PJL is more important than others

PJ LINK·NEWS| the oil tycoons falls in love with “international PJL”The point of DUBAI will be on line.

’ The City of Fog’? ’The City of Mountain’? The attract of spicy food? No one will be more attractive than PJL rotating tower- Don’t just pass by Chongqing north railway station!

’eye- catching’is not just talking. The 1st Urban Metro Culture Expo, PJL Rotating Tower will be the superstar.

PJ LINK·NEWS| Keep walking with me at the street of Tokyo even if all the lights are powered off.

A round of financing has been completed . PJ LINK and LianTronics will create a better tomorrow together.

Have you missed Shanghai Exhibition? Now you will not miss the review by PJ LINK.

Very close to feel the high technique! 5 days countdown to the opening day of Shanghai Exhibition! We are here to wait for you.

PJ LINK·NEWS| four season of Changchun, one heart with you!

countdown to the open ceremony! Sept.10! Both of the Festival and ceremony can’t be missed! PJ LINK and Guangzhou Baiyunhui Square are together with you to celebrate the Teacher’s Day!

PJ LINK activity, keep moving, enjoy playing the water

We send welfare to the advertisers of Xi’an. The rotating tower shocked everyone after standing at the waiting room

Rotating Tower-The truck drives to Xi’an North Railway Station, hide mystery behind

go across Malacca, land South Asia! PJ LINK devices meet you at India

PJ LINK takes a strong step to the world market

PJ LINK won the title of Top Ten Outdoor New Media. High praises from the industry. We are your best option.

PJ LINK·NEWS|Extraordinary Products Demonstrated in ISLE in Guangzhou, Extremely Eye-Catching, Thousands of Catalogues Sweeping Away

PJ LINK·NEWS| Mini Rotating Tower Launched

One team, One dream. The field exploration in Yelu Bay.

Super Rotating Tower Testing Finished In Zunyi Outlets, Feast For Your Eyes!

PJ LINK Sliding Screen Installed In Shanghai

PJ LINK·NEWS| Extraordinary Products Demonstrated in ISLE in Guangzhou, Extremely Eye-Catching, Thousands of Catalogues Sweeping Away

The First Exploration Abroad, The Rotating Tower Will Land In Japan!

ISLE in Guangzhou, Extraordinary and Attractive Products, Thousands Of Catalogues Swepting Away

Rotating Screen in Shenyang Railway Station: the Installation of Triangle Bracket Finished!

Rotating Tower Installed in Shenzhen North Railway Station! See Illustration!

New Media in Airport: 7 LED sliding screens from PJ LINK come out in Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport

The Event of Jinan West Railway Station. PJ LINK rotating tower comes out brightly!

2016 PJ LINK·NEWS|The show of PJ LINK rotating screen project work with Haier

Sept.23,2016 PJ LINK·NEWS|2016 Shanghai International LED Fair












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