What is the opening screen for the advertising industry?

Three screens, extra wide screen


Party building video

The picture is innovated in the composition through the horizontal and vertical cooperation.A red flag fluttered in three screens to form a unified picture.

Rich composition combination


Arch Bridge Fireworks Festival

The screen turns into three vertical screens, each screen is different, but the screenIt is a complete picture, and the three screens form a large picture.

Screening, simulated gravity


Water and ball

The three screens are three containers, and the water in the middle of the screen follows the screen.Swing and dump all the way to the show.

Rotation between screens and screens


Mercedes-Benz E-class

The device rotates and puts out various combinations of actions. The car in the picture is alwaysmaintain standard.

Rich combination of picture and rotation


Bamboo tube pouring water

There is a bamboo tube on each side of the screen, the vertical screen is filled with water, and the water is tilted backwardsThe middle screen. An art installation that represents a platform for creativity.

 High-speed train, airport, large bus station, subway interchange station

The large-scale hub center has a single-person annual flow of 30-50 million. The target users are clear and accurate. The advertising value is huge, but the position is expensive. Choosing the right media format is very important. You can consider the products of the company. Take up the joint construction, point into a line, and line up. Create a high-end media platform with core competencies.


 Venues, shopping malls, corporate headquarters, automotive 4S stores

The rotating screen is very suitable as a finishing touch in a scene, and effortlessly attracts people's attention to her eyes. In the Science and Technology Museum, he is a multimedia teaching aid. She is a publicity ambassador at the corporate headquarters. She is an advertising performer in the 4S shop showroom.


 Booths, exhibitions, events, roadshows

How to attract the target audience, the rotating screen did it. In various exhibitions, the rotating screen used her "dance" to let all the audiences come together.


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