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Railway LED Advertising Display Solution

In recent years, more and more high-speed railway stations have been put into usage in domestic cities, and replace the traditional railway stations, which leads to the new era of railway media and LED advertising display solutions. Following the details.


1.Confirm the promotion theme in different phase:based on the status of enterprise and market environment, the new media is consist of the conception output, demonstration of value and transmission of information. The conception output includes the background, conception, characteristics and brands etc.; the demonstration of value includes the solution value, social value and family value etc., highly demonstrate the advanced tech and solutions in certain industry. The transmission of brand mainly focuses on the product(service) information integrates with the client demand, and transfer to the value.

2.Target the key point of market:the influence of the industry and related products or services constantly emerge, the demand is the main key point; Secondly, the form and effect of product, differ to the characteristics and advantages of other industries, is the key point of marketing.


3.Accurate information, multiple type of display: accurately master the information about social news, industry and the client, with pictures, words and videos to demonstrate the image and value of companies through the products, services, events etc.

4.Interact the information with experience:the experience means the viable effect(with words, pictures and videos) for the audience to understand. The interactive relationship relates to the engagement of information, the enterprise evokes the reader and promotes twice through the spread of knowledge, extension of topics, experience sharing, event report, controversy of topics etc.

5.Data Management:at the early of each month, regularly statistics and organize the information from different platforms, and analyse the attention points of readers to draft a paper report, to support the strategy of enterprises.

6.Supervision of public sentiment:the main duty is to understand the government policy about health industry project, and transfer into the information for promotion; then understand and integrate the feedback from all kinds of media platform, to draft the information that reflect the demand of readers for the second promotion; then for PR of negative information.

PJL and the Communication University of China jointly established a new media research and development center and a new media laboratory.The company’s self-developed a brand-new product integrating robot control technology, 3d animation technology and visual control technology,adding new vitality to the market.

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