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Outdoor Advertising Screen

 Outdoor advertising screens are full of streets and lanes in nowdays , stadiums, shopping malls, stations and commmerical streets. The colorful scenes with the screens not only show information and advertisement to people, but also add a wonderful scenery to the world.      

   However,the traditional outdoor advertising screen also has inadequacies,the most prominent as below:    

   Firstly, the LED display is an isolated broadcast carrier,and the management can only control a outdoor advertising screen.The audience can only watch the content in front of a single screen,just the point spread effect, to the beside, the image has been distorted    


   Secondly,the display always fixed and can only be operated by video screen,it is very monotonous.With the development of the smart phone, there are more and more phubber look down on their mobile phone to pass their boring time. If the outdoor advertising screen not attractive,it is easy to be ignored and result in poor advertising performance.    

   PJ LINK Rotating Waypoint centralized control system supporting the perfect mached performance of the screen motion and video content, and the target function can be upgraded to achieve the value of the positional advertising.    

   In the large-scale hub center,the annual flow of single station is 30-50 million,clear target users,accurate delivery,huge advertising value. The huge flow of people means a huge value of the platform.However there are still some deficiencies in advertising and image promotion in large-scale hub center. Due to the high cost of the position,it is very important to choose the appropriate media form. Choose PJ-LINK Rotating Waypoint,column advertising equipment, small footprint, except for wall development.    


   PJ-LINK 3D Dynamic LED wall can transform the original advertising space according to the actual situation, so that the value of advertising can be greatly improved.    

   PJL and the Communication University of China jointly established a new media research and development center and a new media laboratory.The company’s self-developed a brand-new product integrating robot control technology, 3d animation technology and visual control technology,adding new vitality to the market.    

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