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Innovative LED Advertising Screen

American advertising master Leo Burnett once said:I am convinced that the superior creative work is always a successful agent forward the wheel axis-was,yes,the future is the is the same.

With the advancement of technology and product upgrades, the current creative LED display and various solutions have been able to fully meet the market demand, especially some high-end display projects, which can better reflect the level of display company.

Hangzhou PJL Cultural &Creative Co.,Ltd is the new media equiment manufacturer and advertising platform operator based on new media laboratory .The company was founded in 2012,Hangzhou . PJL is committed to the development of innovative media equipment, professionally providing creative motion display systems and supporting digital media solutions.

Let’s take a look at several products of PJ-LINK:

PJ-LINK Rotating Waypoint

PJ-LINK Rotating Waypoint.jpg

Five engine motors respectively control the 10 screens(5 screens on each side)which combine a tower form device.Centralized control system supporting the perfect mached performance of the screen motion and video content.The intellectual property on the design,structure,controlling system and etc.

In the large-scale hub center,the annual flow of single station is 30-50 million,clear target users,accurate delivery,huge advertising vaule.The huge flow of people means a huge value of the platform.However there are still some deficiencies in advertising and image promotion in large-scale hub center.Due to the high cost of the position,it is very important to choose the appropriate media form. Choose PJ-LINK Rotating Waypoint,column advertising equiment,small footprint, except for wall development.

PJ-LINK 3D Dynamic LED Wall

PJ-LINK 3D Dynamic LED Wall.jpg

A huge customized LED wall made of hundreds of LED modules controls max.5000 pcs display units.The units to slide forword then back respectively according to the video content.The user is able to make infinite creativity design to present an excellent 3D visual errect.

The dynamic led wall flows like wave, quickly catching the attention of the masses through creativity,media innovation and achiving a new upgrade of the advertising value.

Faced with competived LED display industry,creativity not only caters to the needs of times and users,but also creates more possibilities for screen companies.People need a visual enjoyment and impact, the creative led display meets the needs of the market personality and will become a new field of the LED display market.

PJL and the Communication University of China jointly established a new media research and development center and a new media laboratory.The company’s strong research and development capabilities ensure the continuous innovation of new media products.The company’s self-developed advertising dispaly equipment such as Rotating Tower,Rotating Billboard,Sliding Screen,Rotating waypoint and 3D Dynamic LED Wall is a brand-new product integrating robot control technology,three-dimensional animation technology and visual control technology.In the past 10 years,the industry has taken the lead in research and development ,the products have achieved media innovation,adding new vitality to the market.

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