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Continuous innovation of outdoor led display media positions

Outdoor LED display, as the backbone of the current outdoor advertising media, has an indispensable position. The appearance of outdoor led display makes the outdoor advertising of enterprises more convenient, fast and intuitive. With the development of technology, outdoor LED displays are constantly innovating.

1、Small pitch LED screen

The small pitch LED is equivalent to the high resolution version of the ordinary LED display, which is achieved by reducing the size of the lamp bead. At present, the small pitch (less than 2.55mm) and the traditional LED display (2.5mm or more) are defined by the dot pitch of the lamp bead of 2.55mm. Small-pitch LED display applications are widely used, and the main application areas are public display, security monitoring, and business education.

2、Transparent LED screen

LED transparent screen As the name suggests, LED displays have the property of transmitting light like glass. Its realization principle is the micro-innovation of the light bar screen, the patch manufacturing process, the lamp bead package, the control system are all targeted improvements, and the structure of the hollow design reduces the blocking of the structural components. , to maximize the perspective effect.

3、Creative LED wave screen

The screen can be used as a complete large screen to control more than 5,000 playback units. The screen flows like a wave and switches with the screen content. The wavy bulge presents a 3D effect, making the screen more attractive. And regardless of the installation location, the application scenarios are diverse, such as transportation hubs, building facades, shopping malls, and so on.

The competition in the outdoor LED display market is getting more and more fierce. The most fundamental solution is to understand the pain points of customers and keep on innovating. Only by continuously developing new products can we inspire the market.

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