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PJ LINK·NEWS|Extraordinary Products Demonstrated in ISLE in Guangzhou, Extremely Eye-Catching, Thousands of Catalogues Sweeping Away

Novelty appearance& good site---The obvious advantage and unique shape design is really attractive! This type of display, as a LED brand totem pole standing in the crowded people can be noticed by the audience nearby, with small floor area, optimize the value of advertising site. 

Different pattern of the film- the advertisement can be a compaign

People are familiar with the conventional outdoor media. The tradition developed with high speed, but it may have some disadvantages. Although many screens in city , less attention on them because of the simple pattern. They try to attract the targeted audience in the post-production or use large screens. Our products solve the problem and let the advertisement more attractive.

Rotating Tower is a pillar base product, consists of bottom cabinet, motion layer, top cabinet. Th e bottom cabinet can be customized, and the top cabinet can set the brand logo. The key of the device is the motion layer, consist of 3 layers, 9 screens. We can see 9 films, 3 films or the same film in the 9 screen. They rotate like a magic cube, work across the screen, simulate gravity, the picture can work across 9 screens. The picture works very well and accurately with the rotating tower.

The products of PJ LINK create advertising solution- consist of 4 parts

You may misunderstand our product are only have screen plus host plus machine construction. It is the same thought like that we consider the telephone only have screen plus machine component plus shell. But the key is operating system. In fact, you choose iphone because the the IOS operating system. Many people will prefer  the phone with better hardware due to the high quality or like the better software due to the convenient handling. Our product has both advantages.

One set solution- consist of 4 parts:

1)Hardware, all the components we used are the best! 

Strong electric control system from Schneider

Server System from Japan-Mitsubishi

Bearing from NSK

It has a heavy loss recently because the screen has short circuiting due to the extreme weather. So the device quality and maintenance system are very important.

2)Software is the key technique of Rotating Tower. Our device can only be controlled accurately through the software!

3)The digital content creative platform, purchase our devices 

We will teach you how to match the video with the rotating.

4)Remote cloud platform. You can upload or download video, control the rates, collect effects anywhere anytime when you have a compute with related software. No need to be at the site.

R&D strength

We would like to be a little mysterious. Welcome to call +86 571 86776770 if you want to know!

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