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What can be accomplished by using PJ-LINK rotating tower?

PJ LINK new LED rotating tower|rotating screen|3D robotic screen own-developed advertising billboard  manufacturer

It is a newest intelligent art carrier of logo signage among the current new LED advertising equipment ,which can represent the image of the enterprise, and widely used in commercial square, industrial park, scenic spot, real estate and other places. PJ LINK customized rotating tower, as a combination of art modeling, multiple video frames and the rotation of LED motion layer, convey the high-end corporate image and brand concept to public, and strengthen the impression of the content on rotating tower wayfinding system. So what can be accomplished by using PJ LINK rotating tower?

The rotational direction of rotating tower can be set easily.

 PJ LINK rotating tower ‘s three sides LED box, with rotation function, can be easily set the residence time and rotational direction of screen layers.

The rotating tower can be automatically reset.

When the rotating tower stops running,the LED box will be reset to the pointed spot,and stitch into a complete company picture.

The LED rotating tower ‘s screen can be switched smoothly and naturally.

Compare with the traditional spiritual fortress, the PJ LINK rotating tower can be not only the corporate image,but also display the corporate profile, news and advertising information on video, which can be set up in advance, it can be flexibile to increase or decrease the content, make the screen switch smoothly and naturally.

The LED rotating tower is unique and layered in appearance.

Looking from the appearance, the LED guide screen of PJ LINK rotating tower is a triangulation of vertical spiritual fort column, the rotation state is synchronized with the display content, 360-degree display, with striking shape design and vivid 3D visual effect,brings the audience a refreshing sensation, and become a unique landscape of the city. Meanwhile, it distinctively shows layering on smart rotating tower in LED screen industry.

Finally,LED rotating tower screen intuitively brings novel visual effect with uniqueness to the audience. Please visit PJ LINK official website to find more information of LED rotating tower.

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