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What is the development status of the enterprises investing on LED rotating screen?

As is known, The advent of LED rotating screen has upended traditional outdoor advertising.Now, we can see many outdoor large LED box, advertising screen have been replaced with the new LED rotating screen. In future, there will be more and more LED rotating screen appears at highways, business centers, transportation hubs.

It is reported that in China, now the application of LED rotating screen ,which is used in first-tier cities ,is become saturated, so the second-tier city,third-tier city,county, villages and towns will become the important markets which should be breakout.The the second-tier city and third-tier city have huge development potential, the fast developing LED rotating screen has gradually replace the traditional outdoor static advertising,this is a great situation for social progress.

Now,LED rotating screen industry is facing the situation of smaller profits and stronger homogeneity competition.In the new market structure, the manufacturers produce the LED product with lower price, thinner screen and much energy-saving, so the smaller spacing,higher stability,clearer display effect and much intelligent installation and usage ,is becoming the goal of many LED rotating screen enterprises.

In the LED display screen industry, the enterprise groups in the industry will be properly classified , some of them will grow up into technology development enterprise, which focuses on the research ,developing key control system technology,in order to become technical service and professional application enterprises ,with standardize production and scale production, so that they can meet the needs of the professional market.

Up to now, Chinese LED screen industry market is unpredictable,consumer demand is changing fast,competition is rising,the resulting changes in the industry are also frequent.Under this situation,LED screen enterprise should understand the industry development situation, then grasp the opportunity ,realize the development goal of the enterprise.

Finally, PJ LINK can help investor to accurately grasp the current market situation and development trend of China's LED rotating display industry, help investor making a forecast of LED rotating display industry, exploit industry investment value, meanwhile, propose investment strategy and marketing strategy.

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