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The LED rotating tower,which is installed at expressway service area,will have more advantages for display of billboard.

As we know, with the rapid development of economy, and the LED rotating tower’s development in highway service area, we can see the advertising at many highway service area,  therefore this also becomes advertiser’s new and important resource.So what is the advantage of highway service area billboards? Following points is generalized:

In recent years,population has increased rapidly in China’s big cities, therefore,the rotating tower billboards is becoming one of the most important media.

As an important media,the rotating tower billboards has also expanded to the POP AD function. When the peoples are shopping and having fun, they can also get many information of various commodities and enterprise.

The rotating tower billboards is very flexibly on usage, it can be used on the road connecting countries or cities, or even at a station. According the scale of the advertiser's business, advertising objectives, advertising budget, the scope of implementation can be bigger or smaller.

The specification of rotating tower is easier to unify. Generally speaking, the weakness of outdoor advertising is difficult to unify specifications.If we want use the fixed size,our rotating tower can unify specifications through some adjustments.

Compare with the other media,using video as the advertisement on outdoor rotating tower can present better color of visual effect.

The demand of repeating the advertising information.Vehicle,fixed number of people,if people go to work by bus,they walked to bus station on the same way everyday, this can meed the repeated demand of advertising effect.

Actively accept advertising messages.Usually,people will feel bored when they wait for flights or trains, at this time,they will pay more attention to the rotating tower billboards,then actively reading the advertising,and accept the information from advertising.

Display advertising information for a long time. Compare with the other media, passenger have longer time to remember the content of advertising, reading newspaper,compare with the TV advertising,rotating tower billboard has advantage of long time display. 

The expense of advertising become lower.Compare with the other media advertising,outdoor advertising is more economical.

Finally,the presentation forms of LED rotating tower have more advantage than traditional advertising, it also conforms to the reading habit of the public.

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