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PJ LINK explainS the knowledge of LED equipment safety to you.

According current market situation and development trend of LED display industry, it's not hard to find that LED displays are being used in more and more fields,so getting knowledge of safe electricity utilization and ensuring the electrical safety is very important.

PJ LINK puts forward following safety precautions:

Please read the Instruction manual carefully before installation, commissioning and

maintenance. Please operate the equipment properly after being proficient in the

equipment knowledge, safety information and cautions.

Improper operation may cause a hazard, resulting in death or serious injury.


·Due to the risk of electric shock please turn off the power and wait 15 minutes before

wiring and checking. 

·All exposed metal housing must be well grounded fortifications. 

·Wiring and point clear by the professional and technical personnel. 

·Do not operate the switch with wet hands. May cause electric shock. 

·Do not damage the cable, apply excessive pressure, place heavy objects, or squeeze. May cause electric shock. 

·When using an earth leakage circuit breaker (RCD), select type B. 

·In order to avoid electric shock accident, please regularly detect leakage protection

device to prevent failure caused by accidents.


·Do not use the equipment in a flammable atmosphere, which may cause a fire. 

· Use the accessories with the same technical parameters when replacing the

over-current protection switch box. Or will easily lead to the device malfunction or the

protection failure.

·Do not mix the screws, metal objects and the other conductive objects, oil and other

flammable objects into the strong current box, weak current box, motion control box



·Please set a separate power switch externally so that you can immediately stop the operation by cutting off the power. 

·Do not disassemble, repair, or transform the equipment. 

· Do not attempt to maintenance the equipment without disconnecting the power supply.

Finally, PJ-LINK remind you, before using the equipment,please reading the equipment operation manual and observe safety precautions.

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