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Common technical terms of LED screen.

Although LED screen is widely used in all walks of life,but terminologies of LED screen is unfamiliar to many people, PJ-LINK will introduce some terminologies of LED screen to you as followings.

LED screen

Luminance of luminous diode usually express as Luminous Intensity,the unit is cd.1000ucd=1 mcd, 1000mcd=1 cd.The Luminance of indoor single LED is usually 500ucd-50 mcd,and the luminance of outdoor single LED is usually 100 mcd-1000 mcd, even over 1000 mcd.

LED arrange into matrix or stroke segment, prefabricated into standard size modules.Indoor screen usually use 8*8 Pixel module,eight character seven segment digital module.Outdoor screen usually use 4*4,8*8,8*16 Pixel module. Because every pixel of outdoor screen pixel module is made of more than tow LED tube bundle,so it is called bundle module.

Every controllable and solely LED luminous point of LED screen is called pixel.Pixel diameter refers to the diameter of each pixel,the unit is millimetre.

Pixel Pitch is the distance of two pixel in millimetres.The closer spacing and more pixels in per unit area,the more clearer picture will be shown, and the cost of screen will be more higher.The Pixel Pitch is usually used in outdoor screen,there are P6、P7.62、P8、P10、P12、P16、P20 etc.

LED screen pixel’s row number and column number is called the resolution.Resolution is the number of total pixels,it determines the information capacity of a screen.

The Sweep Mode determines the mode of connection between modules,Sweep Mode have 1/16、1/8、1/4、1/2 and static.Because LED display is line by line refresh display,Sweep Mode also determines the display refresh mode,for example,1/16 is refresh one line every time, 16 behaviors is a scan cycle,it need ABCD four signal control; 1/8 is refresh one line every time, 8 behaviors is a scan cycle,it need ABC three signal control;the rest will be the same.If use the same LED light, the luminance of 1/16 sweep mode will lower than 1/8 sweep mode,the luminance of 1/1 is the highest.Indoor LED screen usually use 1/16 sweep mode,outdoor and half outdoor LED screen usually use 1/16 or 1/8 sweep mode.For the LED screen,which is exposed to the sun, it is better to use 1/4 sweep mode.

Grayscale is refer to the degree of pixel luminescence changing, the grayscale of one fundamental color usually have 8-12 class.For example, if every fundamental color’s grayscale is 256 class. For double color screen, its display color is 256×256=64K, it also called 256 color screen.

Now , most color LED screen is double-colour screen, there are two tube cores: one is red light tube core,the other is green light tube core. When red light tube core bright out,the pixel is red,when green light tube core bright out,the pixel is green, when the red and green tube core bright out at the same time, the pixel is yellow.The red and green is called fundamental color.

The red and green double fundamental color,add to blue fundamental color, this three fundamental color constitute the full color.Because the technology of blue light tube core and green light tube core has matured,so full color is widely use in the market.

Above are common technical terms, have you learned?

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