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3D dynamic LED screen’s effects can attract visual perceptions easily.

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Based on these characteristics of LED, we had developed the effective 3D dynamic LED screen to satisfy the cutomers ‘ requirement of high quality picture.3D dynamic LED screen has incomparable advantage than traditional flat LED screen.It combine rotary scanning mechanism and precise time &space integration control technology, effectively expand the perspective space,multi-screen display synchronously ,and eliminate viewing dead zones thoroughly.It can display the full picture at an unrestricted level of 360 degrees, it is the new favorite of multimedia publishing display site, these site include exhibition venue, indoor and outdoor advertising screen, airport station and other public places.

3D dynamic LED screen, compare with common LED screen,have more advantages.For example, it can be flexible optionally, but it will not affect the picture; there is three big circinate LED screen above the surface of cylinder, it can show the pictures synchronously, we can watch three same lively pictures from anywhere around the screen, with the manifestation of video, animation, and text. It not only expand visual scope of the product, but also integrate other video equipment with high compatibility, it has become the best media products.

Our 3D dynamic LED screen,which have R&d patents ,use the high quality key equipment,which are imported from Germany, Japan and the United States,      is easier to be noticed by the public, research and development of patent make every 3D dynamic LED screen ‘s picture looks more clearer.

In general, 3D dynamic LED screen have more advantages and higher value than traditional LED screen,in other words , it is in order to approach popular visual style and attract popular visual perception.

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