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The worth of 3D dynamic LED screen .

There is a new wave screen in LED industry, called 3D dynamic LED screen, and how to catch the eyes and impact visual perception by this new product? 

As we known,now, 3D dynamic LED screen as a new carrier of city advertising, except the product innovation,other external factors are also indispensable. Of course, those factors is not flawless, but innovate by structure and form, in order to promote the aesthetics and creativity of LED screen, then attract more attentions and effectively achieve the advertising effect.

The common 3D dynamic LED screen is static, can’t  move like wave, but every main page of rotating 3D dynamic LED screen can rotate as clockwise, anticlockwise, and rotate as screw, it can be widely used at the plaza center and commercial crossroads,its dynamic and beautiful frame will catch the pedestrians’ glance.

In simple terms ,each LED box of 3D dynamic LED screen can rotate like sea waves, at the same time, it can play video animation, the rotating action and screen content go together.3D dynamic LED screen is a new advertising medium ,which integrating mechanical mechanics, industrial programming and video editing.The artistic, original and high-tech 3D dynamic LED screen can catch your eyes instantaneously,enhance advertising creativity,bring greater commercial value.

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