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What is the advantage of new type LED screen advertising equipment industry that swallow the market share of traditional LED screen advertising equipment industry

As we known,traditional new media LED screen advertising equipment,regardless of outdoor or indoor, whether it innovated presentation, or its display effect already can’t meet user’s requirement. In essence,it already can’t effectively draw the attention of user. According the requirement of new age, a new type media advertising display equipment continuously devour the market share of traditional LED screen advertising industry.So what is the advantage of new type of advertising equipment?

1. The equipment made from PJ LINK can draw the attention of public, it has uniquely shaped,and 11 design patents for appearance.

2. PJ LINK rotating tower,rotating screen and rotating waypoint,can be made into column type advertising equipment,it will cover a small area without the support of wall,so that reduce the limit of installation site.

3. PJ LINK had independently developed the control system ,it can make the screen rotating together with the screen content.There is no limit of speed, angle and position, even no limit of rotating pattern,the screen can rotate according to your requirement, and the screen content can greatly coordinate with the rotation, increase the public attention.

4. PJ LINK DIS editing system can edit videos quickly and easily. ADE packaging system enable the device only to identify the files that is compatible to our system, and ensure network safety.

5. PJ LINK IDCS system,devote to bring information wireless transmission to a new level,it can connect all relevant network sources,turning unstructured data into attractive information,the video can be transmitted wirelessly to the device anytime and anywhere, and the operation is simple and convenient.

6. PJ LINK LED screen equipment can cope with typhoon, heavy rain, ice, sandstorm, high temperature and other severe weather,it can also protection against lightning , heat, and severe convection weather. Even in bad weather, like storm, high temperature and freezing,our equipment can also works properly.

Finally , the new type LED screen advertising equipment have obvious advantages to occupy the market share of traditional LED screen advertising equipment.If you want to learn more information,please follow PJ-LINK WeChat public accounts. 

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