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What is the situation of new type LED screen advertising equipment and traditional LED screen advertising equipment?

What is the situation of traditional LED screen advertising equipment?

1.Traditional LED screens are with homogeneity, lack of visual innovation,blindly pursue the high display density and superlarge display area to attract people’s eyes, and caused heavy resource( electric energy)waste.("Homogenization" refers to the phenomenon that the products of different brands in the same category imitate each other in performance, appearance and even marketing means, and even gradually converge)

2. Installation limitations

Traditional screen have disadvantage of installation,it must depend on the load (wall or building facade),and can’t be installed at a open place and large-scale square.

3.Viewing Angle limitation

Traditional screen can only display on single side, lack of visual innovation,the audience is liable to aesthetic fatigue,information transfer ability will be discounted.

4.The content of video can not play synchronously.

The content of traditional LED screen can not play synchronously, the advertising effect is actually simple. In the new market development, PJ LINK innovative media equipment applies advanced motion control technology,visual control technology,multicast synchronization technology,interactive technology etc.,develop multiple rotating display system.

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