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What is the advantage of LED rotating tower?

Rotating tower is comprised of triangular LED screen and intelligent mechanical structure. With the coordination of screens, software and hardware, the screen layers can rotate as different pattern at the different time, stop on a level, display three videos. Compare with traditional LED screen,PJ LINK rotating tower have more dynamic and visual impact, this new form of advertising,greatly improved the function level of the display screen.Meanwhile, this artistical high-tech products can attract your attention, and enhance advertising creativity, bring greater commercial value ,and become a landmark of the city.In addition ,our product can be designed according customer’s requirement.

 The advantage of LED rotating tower

1.Industrial large-scale rotating support, with a life span of more than 20 years.

2.360-degree rotation. Wires and signal wires will never intertwine.

3.The center column adopts ring double layer structure to ensure the height and strength of the structure.

4.The LED screen can be easily installed, disassembled and maintained.

5.Our product use industrial level programmer, and use Mitsubishi machine to precisely rotate.

6.Small spacing (27mm) in the triangle, present a good decorative effect.

7.Use glasses decorate the top and bottom screen,make the equipment become high grade.

8.Use Nc machining, make the equipment have high accuracy.

 PJ LINK rotating tower has been widely used at commercial street, pedestrian street, shopping center, central city, venue center, corporate headquarters, building, hotel, automobile 4S store, airport, high-speed railway station, park square, booth, exhibition, shopping mall, activity, road show and high-end product launch etc. The unique dynamic effect of video hits people's eyes, shows the unusual characteristics and charm of advertising!

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