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2016 PJ LINK·NEWS|The show of PJ LINK rotating screen project work with Haier

Internet has impact on conventional manufacturing like Household Appliance Industry in recent years. Haier Group, a leading enterprise in the Household Appliance Industry is no exception. From 2015, Haier Group fully started to realize the transformation and upgrading with internet plus manufacturing digitization , keep innovating, leading the trend of the AI Household Appliance Industry. The R&D technique and new products appear constantly in the exhibition and exclusive shop. The rotating screen, as an innovative and ideal platform, help Haier show their own new technique and product.

The LED rotating screen is researched and developed by PJ LINK for 3 years, which is consisted by one or multi vertical rotating screen. Besides, one main part can drive multi rotating screens, or multi main parts drive multi rotating screens. It supports up to 99 rotating screens running at the same time that create eye-catching visual effect. The multiple rotating screens perform together, motion and screens coordinate together. The performances, like pictures crossing from one screen to another, and gravity effect like pouring water can be perfectly realized. The film can always be horizontal no matter how to rotate.

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